Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ms. Bixby’s Last Day
By Noah, Quin, Archie & Troy

Ms. Bixby’s last day book is about a really nice teacher, (Kinda like Miss Honey from Matilda) who falls ill with cancer and the three boys Tofa, Steve & Brand skip school to see her. They face a dangerous criminal who steals their money and they get a few injuries. They are a twisted ankle and bleeding lip.
There is even a shark toilet!
Chapter Chat

Chapter Chat bases its activities on a book that the class has to do from all around NZ.
Here are some examples of our work:


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Congrats Troy and Cohan!



By Tyler, Lucas, Hannah, Jemma and Hadley.

In Room 14 we have been growing bacteria. We  have made google slides on best conditions for bacteria to grow. We now know that it is good in a 37 degrees celsius, dark and moist place.  We got swabs and  dabbed different kinds of bacteria on them to put in the petri dishes. As you can see we have grown some very disgusting bacteria that you can look at on the other slide.
Here are some pictures of our bacteria.

Bacteria is bad and sometimes can be good.

Play, Eat, Learn- Our New Timetable

  Belfast School’s New Timetable.

                              The first block
At Belfast School the first bell rings at 8:55am to get the kids into their amazing learning spaces. Our first activity is Spelling. In our class we have six groups. One day group five will be on Spelling City and the other five groups will be doing a worksheet. Or vice versa.

                               Carbo snack
Carbo snack is a snack that we usually have at around 9:30am. This is to give our bodies the fuel that we need to complete another hour of awesome learning. But we are only allowed food with carbs.

After carbo we do our writing. At the moment we are learning about Story Telling. This is where we do lots of awesome activities about one story. For example: we have been put into groups, to make our own bread with a secret ingredient.

                First break time /Morning tea

The bell goes for the first break at 10:30am,  we have until 10:45am to play then we go back into class to eat our nutritious morning tea.
                               Reading time

At Reading time we get into our groups. We get two rotations they include Bananagrams, Teacher, Reading Eggs, Spelling City and Reading to yourself.
                                 Lunch time

At lunch we get 30 minutes of play. After the lunch break, we eat our delicious lunch. This keeps us going until afternoon play and through Maths.

For Maths we also get into groups. To complete work or learn with the teacher.
We also use the computers for our awesome Maths Programme Khan Academy.
                               Afternoon play.

Afternoon play is the same as morning tea. We get 15 minutes to play with our bros. After that we come back inside have our fruit and milk.


For the last block of learning we have Inquiry. At the moment we are learning about forces. Here are some examples: Air resistant force, Gravity force, Applied force, Spring force and Tension force.

By Lewis, Cohan, TW and Aaron.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cohan's Creativity


This is a photo of Ms. Bixby’s hospital room. It has a bed for her to sleep in and a rocking chair for if somebody comes over they can watch and sit in the chair.


Forces and Fidget Spinners

Beilal, Cooper and Brayden's Report.
designing fidget spinners
In the past few weeks room 14 have been working on designing fidget spinners and forces. We had to draw and explain what different types of forces were. Things like gravity, air resistance force, applied force and many many more. Here is a really cool design by Beilal:
Since fidget spinners have gotten so popular at our school our teacher Mrs Wing decided for us to make some. she bought the bearings and we had to design the outside of it. here is a awesome design by Cohan:
Some people's fidget spinners are made out of coins, wood and much, much more. do you know what a fidget cube is? well it is something you fidget with and it is a cube if fidget spinners get banned at schools fidget cubes are probably going to be next.

By Beilal, Cooper and Brayden

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Swim Safety

We loved having the life jackets here today at Belfast School. We practiced keeping warm in a huddle, having boat races and entering the pool while holding the top of our jackets (so they didn't slip up).