Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Forces and Fidget Spinners

Beilal, Cooper and Brayden's Report.
designing fidget spinners
In the past few weeks room 14 have been working on designing fidget spinners and forces. We had to draw and explain what different types of forces were. Things like gravity, air resistance force, applied force and many many more. Here is a really cool design by Beilal:
Since fidget spinners have gotten so popular at our school our teacher Mrs Wing decided for us to make some. she bought the bearings and we had to design the outside of it. here is a awesome design by Cohan:
Some people's fidget spinners are made out of coins, wood and much, much more. do you know what a fidget cube is? well it is something you fidget with and it is a cube if fidget spinners get banned at schools fidget cubes are probably going to be next.

By Beilal, Cooper and Brayden

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